Samsung Wireless Printer Setup for Mac

This article describes how to Samsung Wireless Printer Setup for Mac, follow the steps below

The steps that you must follow to Samsung Wireless Printer Setup With Access Point for Mac

Mac Setup From the Desktop/MacBook/Computer:
  • Access point via USB cable.
  • Access point without a USB cable (recommended)

Mac Setup From the machine’s control panel:
  • Machines with a display screen.
  • Using the menu button.

The steps that you must follow to Samsung Wireless Printer Setup Without Access Point for Mac

Mac Setup From the computer:
  • Ad hoc via USB cable.

Samsung Wi-Fi Direct setup:

Samsung Wireless Printer Setup for Mac Desktop/MacBook/Computer

Access point via USB cable

See - Setting up Wi-Fi Direct
 The Samsung Network Setting Total window appears. Click Next.

When the cordless Samsung network settings are completed, disconnect the USB cable television in between the computer and device. Click Next.

Access point without a USB cable (recommended)

When the Samsung wireless network set up for Mac is completed, click Next.
After the Samsung installation is finished, click Close.

Ad hoc via USB cable

If you do not have a gain access to point (AP), you may still connect the device wirelessly to your computer system by establishing an ad hoc wireless network by following these simple instructions.

When the window that tells you that the Samsung network cable television connection is verified appears, disconnect the Samsung network cable television and click Next.

If the Samsung network cable is linked, it might have trouble finding the device when Samsung setting up the cordless network.

The Samsung wireless network connects according to the network configuration.

Samsung Wireless network established is completed. After installation is completed, click Quit.
After finishing the cordless network connection, you need to set up a machine driver to print from an application (see Setup for Mac).

 Using a network cable

Machines that do not support the network port will not be able to use this function (see Rear view).

Your maker is a network suitable machine. To allow your maker to deal with your network, you will have to perform some configuration procedures.
[Note] After finishing the wireless network connection, you need to install a maker driver to print from an application (see Setting up driver over the network).
See your network administrator, or the person that set up your cordless network, for information about your network configuration.

Items to prepare.

  • Access point.
  • Network-connected computer system.
  • Software CD that was offered with your machine.
  • A machine installed with a cordless network interface.
  • Network cable.
Printing a network configuration report.
You can identify the network settings of your device by printing a network setup report.
See Printing a network configuration report.

IP setting utilizing SetIP Program (Windows).
This program is used to manually set the network IP address of your machine utilizing its MAC address to communicate with the maker. The MAC address is the hardware identification number of the network interface and can be found in the Network Configuration Report.
See Setting IP address.

Configuring the device's wireless network.
Before beginning you will have to know the network name (SSID) of your wireless network and the network secret if it is encrypted. This information was set when the access point (or cordless router) was set up. If you do not know about your wireless environment, please ask the individual who established your network.

To configure wireless specifications, you can use SyncThru ™ Web Service.

Using SyncThru™ Web Service

 Insert the provided software CD into your CD-ROM drive, and follow the guidelines in the window to establish the wireless network.

Turning the Wi-Fi network on/off

[Note] If your device has a display, you can also turn on/off the Wi-Fi from the maker's control board utilizing the Network menu.
Check whether the network cable is linked to the device. If not, connect the maker with a standard network cable.

Start a web browser such as Web Explorer, Safari, or Firefox and enter your device's brand-new IP address in the browser window.

For instance,

Click Login on the upper right of the SyncThru ™ Web Service site.

Type in the ID and Password, then click Login. We suggest you to alter the default password for security factors.
  • ID: admin
  • Password: sec00000
When the SyncThru ™ Web Service window opens, click Network Settings.

Click Wireless > Custom.

You can also turn the Wi-Fi network on/off.

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