Samsung Wi-Fi Direct Printer Setup

This article describes how to Samsung Wi-Fi Direct Printer Setup, follow these steps.

Samsung Wi-Fi Direct Printer Setup for mobile printing

Samsung Wi-Fi Direct is an easy-to-setup peer-to-peer connection method between the Samsung Wi-Fi Direct accredited printer and a mobile phone that provides a secure connection and much better throughput than ad hoc mode.

With Samsung Wi-Fi Direct, you can link your printer to a Samsung Wi-Fi Direct network while concurrently linking to a gain access to point. You can also use a wired network and a Wi-Fi Direct network concurrently so multiple users can access and print documents both from Wi-Fi Direct and from a wired network
  • You can not connect your mobile phone to the web through the printer's Samsung Wi-Fi Direct.
  • The supported protocol list may vary from your model, WSamsung i-Fi Direct networks do NOT support IPv6, network filtering, IPSec, WINS, and SLP services.
  • The optimum variety of gadgets that can be linked via Wi-Fi Direct is 3
Apps: Samsung Mobile Print App

    Samsung Wi-Fi Direct Printer Setup

    You can allow Samsung Wi-Fi Direct feature by among the following techniques.

    From the USB cable-connected computer( recommended).

    After the Driver installation is complete, Samsung Easy Printer Manager can be used to alter Samsung Wi-Fi Direct settings.
    Samsung Easy Printer Manager is Available for PC Windows also Mac OS users only
    • From the Start menu, choose Programs or All Programs > Samsung Printers > Samsung Easy Printer Manager > Gadget Settings > Network.
    • Wi-Fi Direct On/Off: Select On to enable.
    • Gadget Call: Get in the printer's name for searching for your printer on a cordless network. By default, the device name is the design name.
    • IP Address: Go into the IP address of the printer. This IP address is used just for the regional network and not for the infrastructure wired or cordless network. We recommend utilizing the default regional IP address (the default local IP address of the printer for Samsung Wi-Fi Direct is ).
    • Group Owner: Activate this choice to designate the printer the Samsung Wi-Fi Direct group's owner. The Group Owner acts similar to a cordless gain access to point. We suggest activating this option.
    • Network Password: If your printer is a Group Owner, a Network Password is needed for other mobile phones to connect to your printer. You can set up a network password yourself, or can remember the offered Network Password that is randomly created by default.
    From the machine (Makers with a display screen).

    See Also: Samsung Printing a network configuration report

    Setting up the mobile phone.

    • After setting up Samsung Wi-Fi Direct from the printer, describe the user handbook of the mobile device you are utilizing to set its Wi-Fi Direct.
    • After setting up Samsung Wi-Fi Direct, you need to download the mobile printing application (For example: Samsung Mobile printer) to print from your smartphone.
    [Note] When you have actually discovered the printer you want to link to from your mobile device, select the printer and the printer's LED will blink. Press the WPS button on the printer and it will be connected to your mobile device. If your mobile device does not support Samsung Wi-Fi Direct, you need to go into the "Network Key" of a printer instead of pressing the WPS button.

    Troubleshooting for Samsung wireless network Setup

    Issues during setup or Samsung driver setup.

    Printers Not Found.
    • Your maker might not be turned on. Turn on your computer system and the machine.
    • USB cable is not connected between your computer and maker. Link the machine to your computer using the USB cable.
    • The machine does not support cordless networking (see Features by model).

    Connecting Failure - SSID Not Found.
    • The device is not able to discover the network name (SSID) you have selected or gotten in. Check the network name (SSID) on your gain access to point and try linking once again.
    • Your gain access to point is not switched on. Turn on your gain access to point.

    Connecting Failure - Invalid Security.
    • Security is not set up correctly. Inspect the configured security on your gain access to point and maker.

    Linking Failure - General Connection Error.
    • Your computer is not getting a signal from your device. Check the USB cable television and your machine's power.

    Connecting Failure - Connected Samsung Wired Network.
    • Your device is connected with a wired network cable television. Get rid of the wired network cable from your maker.

    Linking Failure - Assigning the IP address.
    Cycle the power for the access point (or cordless router) and machine.

    PC Connection Error.
    • The configured Samsung network address is unable to connect in between your computer system and machine
    For a DHCP network environment.
    • The maker receives the IP address automatically (DHCP) when computer system is set up to DHCP.
    [Note] If the Samsung printing task is not operating in DHCP mode, the problem might be triggered by the automatically changed IP address. Compare the IP address in between the item's IP address and the Samsung printer port's IP address.
    How to compare:.
    1. Print the network details report of your printer, and then inspect the IP address

    2. Check the printer port's IP address from your computer system.
    • Click the Windows Start menu. (For Windows 8, from Appeals, choose Browse > Settings)
    For Windows XP/Server 2003, select Printer and Faxes.
    • For Windows Server 2008/Vista, choose Control Panel > Hardware and Noise > Printers.
    • For Windows 7/8, select Control board > Devices and Printers.
    • For Windows Server 2008 R2, choose Control board > Hardware > Devices and Printers.
    • Right-click your device.
    • For Windows XP/2003/2008/ Vista, press Properties.
    For Windows 7/8 and Windows Server 2008 R2, from context menus, pick the Printer homes., If Printer properties product has ► mark, you can choose other printer drivers gotten in touch with selected printer.
    1. Click Port tab.
    • Click Configure Port ... button.
    • Examine if Printer Name or IP Address: is the IP address on the network configuration Sheet.
    3. Change the printer port's IP address if it is various from the network info report's. If you want to use the software application setup CD to change the port IP,. Connect to a network printer. Then reconnect the IP address.

    For a Fixed network environment.
    The device utilizes the static address when the computer is configured to fixed address.

    For instance,. If the computer's network information is as shown below:.
    • IP address:
    • Subnet Mask:

    Then the machine's network information need to be as listed below:.
    • IP address:
    • Subnet Mask: (Use the computer system's subnet mask.).
    • Entrance:

    Other problems Samsung Wi-Fi Direct Setup

    • If issues happen while using the maker on a network, examine the following:
    • [Keep in mind]
    • For details on the access point (or cordless router), describe its own user's guide.
    • You can not allow wired and cordless networks at the same time.
    • Your computer system, gain access to point (or cordless router), or device might not be turned on.
    • Examine the cordless reception around the machine. If the router is far from the machine or there is a challenge, you might have trouble getting the signal.
    • Cycle the power for the access point (or cordless router), machine, and computer. Sometimes cycling the power can recuperate network interaction.
    • Inspect whether firewall program software (V3 or Norton) is obstructing the interaction.
    • If the computer system and the device are linked on the same network and it can not be found when searching, firewall software application might be obstructing the interaction. Describe the user's guide for the software to turn it off and try searching for the device once again.
    • Inspect whether the device's IP address is assigned properly. You can check the IP address by printing the network setup report.
    • Check whether the access point (or wireless router) has a configured security (password). If it has a password, describe the gain access to point (or wireless router) administrator.
    • Check the device's IP address. Re-install the maker driver and change the settings to connect to the machine on the network. Due to the qualities of DHCP, the assigned IP address might change if the machine is not utilized for a very long time or if the gain access to point has actually been reset.
    • Register the product's MAC address when you set up the DHCP server on the gain access to point (or wireless router). Then you can always utilize the IP address that is set with the MAC address. You can determine the MAC address of your device by printing a network setup report (see Printing a network setup report).
    • Examine the wireless environment. You might not have the ability to connect to the network in the infrastructure environment where you have to enter a user's information prior to linking to the access point (or wireless router).
    • This machine only supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and Wi-Fi. Other cordless communication types (e.g., Bluetooth) are not supported.
    • When using the ad hoc mode, in operating systems such as Windows Vista, you may have to set the wireless connection setting each time you utilize the cordless device.
    • You can not use infrastructure mode and ad hoc mode at the same time for Samsung wireless network makers.
    • The maker is within the series of the wireless network.
    • The device lies far from challenges that could block the cordless signal.
    • Remove any big metal things in between the gain access to point (or cordless router) and the machine.
    • Make certain the maker and wireless gain access to point (or cordless router) are not separated by poles, walls, or assistance columns including metal or concrete.
    • The device is located away from other electronic gadgets that might interfere with the wireless signal.
    • Numerous devices can disrupt the cordless signal, consisting of a microwave oven and some Bluetooth devices.
    • Whenever the configuration of your access point (or cordless router) changes, you need to do the gadgets cordless network setup again.
    • The optimum number of device that can be linked through Wi-Fi Direct is 3.
    • If Wi-Fi Direct is ON, this device just supports IEEE 802.11 b/g.
    • If the access point is set to deal with the 802.11 n standard just, it might not link to your machine.

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